Shorter test cycle and lower costs for Guidewire testing.

Consumer applications in the insurance space need to tackle tight compliance, complex architectures, and high industry standards. Avo Assure's AI-powered, no-code test automation ensures faster delivery of quality applications with reduced testing costs.

Here's how you can test your Guidewire applications more effectively and efficiently with Avo Assure:

  • Achieve >95% test automation coverage with Design Studio and computer vision-based Avo Genius.
  • Rigorously test your Guidewire applications with compliant and reliable production-like test data with iTDM.
  • Schedule and test end-to-end business processes with parallel test execution to reduce infrastructure costs and testing time.
  • Use the pre-built 1500 keyword library to build tests faster and expedite delivery.
  • Integrate a robust CI/CD pipeline with the DevOps pipeline to achieve continuous testing.
  • Leverage self-healing tests to easily handle regression cycles and reduce production defects to < 1%.

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